entry door laminate floor

How to install a laminate floor to a front door You could get weather damage where your laminate floor meets the front door. (vicnt/iStock/Getty Images).

Ideally, any time you terminate against a perimeter with flooring materials, you However, doors create open termination points where the laminate needs a 

Also make note of the different transitions in the room where the laminate will meet other types of flooring or exterior doors. The home store 

Spread a bead of silicone caulk in the gap between laminate flooring and the threshold of an exterior door. Run your finger over the caulk to tool it the same way 

The original flooring was an 8mm think laminate flooring. However as I got to the front door (the last area), I realized the new floor was too 

Therefore have to cut the door jambs and fit the laminate flooring under the How to Raise an Adjustable Entry Door Threshold-- Seal out drafts by raising the 

Coordinating Moldings Give your Shaw Laminate Flooring a Finish with Flair. To finish the flooring in areas that meet vertical objects like exterior doors, sliding 

This guide details how to remove an old interior and exterior door threshold and at a door and serve as a transition element to other flooring materials such as 

Make note of transitions to other types of flooring and other features like stair landings and exterior doors. Ask your salesperson for help choosing the right 

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