railroad ties for playground

Creosote is a tar-like substance used to protect the railroad ties against the elements. The EPA has not approved creosote as a wood treatment for residential use

sealing railroad ties for playground border - WPC Deck Board. Are railroad ties safe for me to use for landscaping around my home? being Because of Children who

The Arizona Register of Contractors requires a Playground Contractors License for installation. It is important to note that playground maintenance is not regulated

6” x 8” x 8’ railroad ties can be drilled, sawed, screwed, pinned or bolted together in almost any configuration. Commonly installed with rebar stakes.

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what type of treated or untreated ties should I get so that the kids dont get tar on them and the ties dont get to hot?

In 1997 Council Member Priscilla Wooten funded the $735,000 capital reconstruction of newly-named Railroad Playground. (made of stone railroad ties and

rubber railroad ties for sale. railroad ties playground border outdoor wall panel. Aging railroad tie playground borders pose numerous threats to children.

Landscaping and playground border edge that is unlike treated borders or railroad ties due to the Church playgrounds, Sandboxes, Landscape edging

Railroad Ties in Playgrounds « CareScape : We care. It's our Jun 20, 2012 Creosote treated wood from fences, bridges, railroad ties, or telephone

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