no warping hollow wood floor

More often than not, though, it turns out to be just a natural feature of the wood, and . Scratches and dents are normal and innevitable for all real wood floors. . Lifting, warping and gaps are all different symptoms of the same mistakes, so it's .

Wood responds to changes in temperature or humidity by warping, and that can . may have no other option than to remove the flooring and spread a new one.

Moisture problems are the enemy of your hardwood floors. . Cupping: This is when the edges of a board are higher than its center, due to moisture which . the MC below the wood surface without doing any damage to the wood flooring. ... in several areas, floor felt soft or hollow almost sinking – not solid underneath (sorry .

all wood floors need expansion gap to expand , check if .. if the floor is lifting like that is because that floating floor has no room for expansion .

Sure, you may find other areas that sound hollow, but some will and some will not. The inherent makeup of how glue down floors work will leave small voids .

Hardwood floor repair can be either straightforward or complicated, depending on the . Cupping occurs across the width of the individual pieces of flooring.

14 Important Ways in Which Your Wood Floor is Trying to Tell You Something . This service is not necessarily very expensive as the floor sanding cost per . crowning and cupping due to water damage on wood floors . Signs of termites can be visible holes or sagging floors, also wood might sound hollow when tapped.

Solid wood flooring is installed to allow the expansion; if it is not, . I believe these kerfs and hollow backs go a long way in preventing cupping.

Are you wondering about termite flooring damage? . on a buckled area of a hardwood floor, the wood might sound disturbingly, shockingly hollow. . laminates that bubble up as if water-damaged, though no water damage has occurred, and .

Problems with My Wood Floor, FAQs Trouble Shooting Wood Floor Problems. . Cupping . Pieces of the flooring are no longer in contact with the substrate. ... Damaged wood sounds hollow, and the screwdriver may even break through into .

This article will look at why a wood floor of any type buckles. . If there's no visible damage to the boards like cupping, crowning, lipping etc and .

A floating wood floor can sound hollow or give an echo when walked on. . Should you be considering a laminate floating floor, sanding is not .