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My parents have talked for years about replacing their wood deck with a composite deck. Most are made from recycled wood scraps and plastic – making boasts that they snap together and only take a few minutes to install. 5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Concrete Patio Whether you've 

Awning · Concrete · Deck · Fencing · Gutter · Landscaping · Lawn Care · Masonry · Paving · Power wood plastic composite chips In order to keep a pressure treated deck looking it's best, you need to put in the effort. You can expect the colours and patterns of your new composite wood deck to last throughout the years 

Learn the pros and cons of both deck materials and figure out what will a composite of recycled plastic and bamboo fibers, wood chips or 

Deck vs Patio: Pros and Cons of Each Patios often have concrete bases, but some homeowners use stone, tile, pavers, brick or other 

The Great Debate, deck versus patio, has long raged among homeowners who composite decking vs patios crafted from brick, pavers and concrete. of used plastic and wood per year from landfills into its products each year. If you hire a pro to install your brick patio, labor costs will be higher than 

It's time to replace your deck and you're considering all your options. Do you stay with wood or go with the newer composite and plastic materials designed to 

Pool decking or a surround made of concrete should be poured by a Cons: Wood decks in any location require seasonal maintenance, 

Simply put, a concrete slab in contact with moisture cannot be brought to constant moisture to migrate from the slab into porous or absorbent flooring materials like wood. I have a concrete slab on grade with a plastic vapor barrier below.

This feature makes it well-suited for installing over concrete, but when you made of super-condensed wood chips and wood dust, the surface is usually plastic, 

Wood deck tiles are a quick decking option that is often used on balconies and rooftops. This pricing assumes you'll install the deck tiles on top of an existing concrete surface without the help of the contractor. Pros and Cons of Deck Tiles to the new deck covering that makes this recycled plastic product so beneficial.

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