how to build a roof over a trailer house

I've been helping a friend with his Mom's mobile home. It needs a new roof in the worst way. It currently has a metal (pretty much flat) roof. I've seen some metal .

Adding a roof to your mobile home. . still a low pitch no good for heavy snow can you put a 12/12 pitch?. Read more. Show less. Reply 1.

Building a roof over a mobile home will not only improve the aesthetic quality of a mobile home, but it will also cut down on heating and cooling .

Building a mobile home roof is best done right over the existing roof. This will give you both a ceiling and a barrier between your living space and the extreme .

This mobile home roof over article goes over the three top material choices for . flat to peaked mobile home roof over with no posts framing.

How we are putting a new roof on our old trailer to fix a pesky leak. . Many, many people build a roof over their mobile homes in North Idaho to .

Q: I have an old mobile home that I would like to put a new roof on. . the roof, but am thinking more along the lines of a carport type roof over it.

However, a simple mobile home roof over can help reduce heat loss, improve insulation and comfort, and enhance the appearance of the .

The answer was a new mobile home roof and insulation called a roof-over, which is . For the cost of some common building materials and a little time and effort .

Rubber mobile home roofs are created by stretching a thick blanket-like . Metal roofs may be installed over an existing roof with or without a DIYer adding .

nice front porch addition with gable roof on mobile home See our 9 .. How is building a mobile home porch different than one for a stick-built home? There are .

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