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STAIR TREAD DIMENSIONS - CONTENTS: Stair tread width & nosing design . wooden stair treads using dimensional lumber or 5/4 lumber (deck boards) 

Building a set of wooden steps can seem intimidating, but it is a job most homeowners can do with a little skill – and of your landing deck. Divide that figure the dimension corresponding to the tread width, riser-to-riser (without the nosing).

When installing the tread many builders project the front end of the deck boards over the stringer by the thickness of the riser as well as about an inch as a nose.

Complete your dream patio deck designs with Fascia Riser Boards and Cover - the perfect match for your high-performance decking. Actual Dimensions .56 in x 7.25 in x 12 ft (14 mm x 184 mm x 365 cm). Pictured here are  

Stair tread nosing is just the small overhang (red arrow) at the front of But there are extra-thick deck boards available (I keep running into 

The ratio of tread depth, or going, to riser height determines a stairway's pitch (Figure can be constructed from solid timber to provide access to exterior deck areas Nosing. Pitch line angles. Riser height. Tread depth or going. False nosing 

Building deck stairs for composite decks is similar to building wood stairs, with a . Custom-built stringers allow you to match the dimensions of a set of stairs in 

definition of deck length and width. 3. . lumber (2" nominal thickness) or span rated decking in plane adjoining the tread nosing shall be not less than 34.

Lumber not native to North America, such as , may be used as decking only, .. nosing dimensions shall not deviate at each step by more than 3/8 inches.

I've been building stairs inside homes and on decks for almost 30 years. to make it at least 4 inches thick, and I broom-finish the top for traction. Since the AWC develops the standards for wood frame construction that the 

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This handout suggests some methods to achieve safer deck construction . lumber (2” nominal thickness) or span rated decking in ac- from nosing of step.