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Both kinds of the EPS sandwich panels consist of three layers: top steel sheet, EPS Not only are our construction costs competitive with traditional wood-frame, 

With almost endless exterior and interior finishes our Versiclad sandwich insulated wall panels can be used for commercial and residential applications.

Improving building performance, construction methods and ultimately the lives of people who live and work in Kingspan insulated panel buildings, that's what 

While SIPs are often made using oriented strand boards (OSBs) that sandwich a layer of rigid foam plastic insulation inside, at Habitech, we use the superior 

Foam core panels are slabs of foam insulation sandwiched between two facings or "skins." These skins include metal, drywall, and/or structural wood 

CoreLite produces high quality sandwich panels with different core materials and aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, wood laminates or custom requirements. End-Grain Balsa Wood Core. High Density Foam Board. PET Foam Core.

Eco-Panels manufactures a superior type of structural insulated panel (SIP), otherwise Our panels are manufactured by injecting polyurethane foam between two Wood has an average R value of around 1 per inch – so a 2x4 stud (actually 

We specialise in wood-based products for your kitchen and bathroom, wall panels, acoustic panels, structural flooring, cladding, bracing, plywood and MDF.

Insulated Roof Panels by Ray-Core make Green Building Easy. Sandwich Panel SIP made up of two sheets of OSB, glued to a solid foam core. You can have peace of mind knowing your roof is resting on solid wood, LVL, LSL or other 

RAY-CORE Panel Features. Foamed-In-Place Wood Studs. Foil Radiant Vapor Barrier. Rigid Polyurethane Foam. Easy To Use Dimensions. Extremely 

XFLAM insulated panels lead the way in high performance fire resistant panel systems. A syntactic foam core, XFLAM has excellent mechanical strength.

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